Episode List

Here is a list of all the topics we’ve covered over the years. Some of these episodes are in the process of being updated. More topics are yet to come! Leave your suggestions on our Contact page!

An Axe to Grind: Lizzie Borden
Three Stages of Stigma: Syphilis
An Inescapable Island: Alcatraz
Undeath in the Depths: Bog Bodies
Of Flesh and Snow: Wendigos
These Dangerous Waters: The Graveyard of the Pacific
An Indecipherable Mystery: The Voynitch Manuscript
Lost: The Lost Colony of Roanoke
Of Mice and Elephants: The Elephant Man
Capgras Delusion
Sima de los Huesos: The Pit of Bones
Scavenger in the Wastes: Ghouls
Waves of Mystery: The Bermuda Triangle
Crime and Punishment: Medieval Torture Devices
Ghost in the Ruins: Gedi
The King of His Castle: H. H. Holmes
Getting Ahead in Life: Head Transplantation
What Lies Beneath: The Catacombs of Paris
A History of Headhunting
The Swapped Child: Changelings
The Lusitania
The Codex Gigas
Unit 731 (Currently being updated)
Frances Glessner Lee
The Winchester Mystery House
Slender Man: An Interview with Dr. Andrea Kitta
Ice Mummies of Peru
10 Morbid Phrases
The Mary Celeste
Operation Mincemeat
Elizabeth Bathory
Folie a Deux
Death on Mt. Everest
The Huldufolk of Iceland
The Bimini Road
Creepy Dolls
The Vallisca Axe Murders
Corpse Theft: An Interview with Dr. Jenna Dittmar
Spontaneous Human Combustion
The Radium Girls
Objects Made from Human Skin
The Beast of the Gevaudan
The Philadelphia Experiment
Vampire Burials
The Dyatlov Pass Incident (Special 2 hour episode!)
Typhoid Mary
The Contagious Disease Act
Early Australian Lunatic Asylums
Ghost Ships of the Northwest Passage
Otzi the Ice Man
Plants That Kill
6 and Out: The Murder of Claude Tozer
The Tamam Shud Case
Corpse Medicine
Skeleton Lake/ Roopkund
Madame Lalaurie
Women in White Legends
The Destruction of Pompeii
The Franklin Expedition
Victorian Death Photography
Amelia Earhart
The Plague: Plague of Justinian, Black Death and Third Pandemic
The Black Hole of Calcutta
The Spanish Flu
Waverly Hills Sanatorium
The Lancashire Witch Trials
The Pyramids of Nubia
The Donner Party
Shrunken Heads
Curse tablets
Bloodletting and Leeches
Sleep Paralysis
Dancing Mania
Plants That Thrill (Hallucinogenic Plants)
The Tsavo Man-Eaters
Death in Ancient Egypt (3 part series)
Bitten – Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies
Residential Schools
Walking Corpse Syndrome
Pirate Havens of Madagascar
Highgate Cemetery (Patreon Only)